Set of 6 Traditional Eco-Friendly Crayons in Metal Tin


The perfect set of crayons for traveling or just keeping in your bag! This set of 6 crayons is handmade using environmentally friendly soy and beeswaxes. The natural waxes create a softer crayon which allows for color blending more like a pastel. The slightly larger size of these crayons makes them great for little artists because they are easy to hold and sturdy. Yet the bright colors and pastel-like quality makes them a hit with artists of all ages. Each set features 6 colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple) and comes with a brown paper wrapper to keep crayon from getting on your fingers as you color. Each set comes packaged in a metal tin perfect for coloring on the go. Since the crayons are hand-made and hand-poured colors and shapes may vary slightly. + All crayons are handmade using only Soy and Bees Waxes + Crayons contain no paraffin wax (petroleum by-product) + Crayons are non-toxic and child safe Natural waxes make for softer crayons which can be blended. Made in the United States of America

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